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If you would like to start your own display check out Light - O - Rama for all the necessary Equiptment.

On Thursday December 18th we had an Ice storm that left a 1/2" of ice on all the lights, broke one of the leaping arches in half and still has thousands of area residents still without power tonight (12/21/08) You Tube is now censoring videos for songs and claiming we are violating the Music companies copyrights by using their music in a free public display. I say its free advertising. You tube is removing the videos from their site. So I am converting everything to and suggest everyone boycott Youtube. If the video does not play you can click on the Name of the song and download the video. Here are some photos of the Ice onthe lights. This years display has a couple new suprises in store.

We typically start planning for the next year before the current show comes down. Rumor has it that the pirates of caravelle Drive will be batteling it out with the British Fleet, The Great Pumpkin and his choir will be singing, with special apperances by Barry Bones. The 2008 Christmas display contained just over 43,000 lights controlled by 224 animated channels. There were 11 Songs programed making the show last just over an hour. It took 51 Hours to set up the lights and connect everything, but well over 100 hours to program the songs. Each year we try to change the show and add a few new songs. The Time line below shows how we have changed from our first Year in 2006 to the current show in 2010.

But we plan to have it back in October 2011. Due to extenuating circumstances there was no Halloween 2010 display. Set-up begins the first part of November right after Halloween comes down. This year it took just over 90 hours to assemble, setup and plug in all the lights. An additional 10 hours was spent modifying last years sequences to fit this years display. The two new songs for this year take about One Hour per minute of the song to sequence. so a 3 minute song takes just over 3 hours to program. We have 380 extension cords run through out the yard totalling Just over 1.5 miles in length if pluged in end to end.Typically about 20 dollars for the month of December.

Since we use about 90% LED bulbs and they are not on constantly they only draw about 60 amps at full on and that only happens a couple times during the show from start to finish the entire show, or song loop takes just about 1 hour. Why Don't you put out a collection box for donations? We don't do the show to make money just to celebrate the Season of christmas. If you feel the need to donate on our behalf we support the following organizations and we welcome you to make a donation in your name our in the name of LACAWB to any of them. If you choose to send donations to the Auburn Fire department please send them in Memory of Chief Jerry Bauermister for use in improving the Tranning center.

Why Christmas is the best time of the year

I love Christmas! It makes so much people realize the beauty of life and want to be kind to one another. Helping other people is something we should do the whole year, so it is good to have a few days to remind people how great it is to do that. Enjoying this time is something I can't imagine without my family. Well, it is a family time in the first place, am I right?

The last year I had the best Christmas in my life so far. Two or three days before Christmas I always travel to my parents. They live about 2000 miles away from me, so I always take a plain. I buy the gifts there, but send my postcards before I go there, so they can arrive just on time. But last year things got a little out of control.

Beautiful problems

I always take a flight with just one stop, because the flights with no stops are too expensive and the ones with more than one stop last too long. No one wants to spend the whole day on airports in Christmas time. Since I travel from Europe to the USA the stop is almost always in the USA. This time it was in New York. I have been there a few times, but never on their airport alone. The stop was four hours long and everyone was passing by with their family and friends and everything, and I was alone. So I did not have quite the Christmas feeling right there but soon it will come. I arrived there in 1 PM and my flight was scheduled in 5 PM, but a snow storm was happening so the plain could not get from the airport until 8 PM, so I had about seven hours for sitting and doing actually nothing. After a few hours the crowd got smaller and I saw a guy sitting just three seats away from me.

I took my and right when I got online a Camplace ad opened. He saw it and looked at me and smiled and I did the same. I decided it was good if I go for a coffee because it may make the time past faster. After about five minutes he came also to the restaurant and asked me if he can join me. I said he could, of course, and we started to talk. He was taking the same flight as me. After two hours I got hungry so we ordered some pizza, that was delicious, by the way, and soon it was time for the flight. We exchanged numbers and later that week we met again for a coffee. Soon it will be 5 months that we are together.

But the real joy will start first when I arrived home. My parents managed to somehow gather the whole family. The food was great and we had a wonderful week together. They liked my gifts, of course, and I got the same hand - made jumper I get every year that I actually love, but, because I am a girl I don't wear it much. On Christmas eve we went to the church and I met my friend, Chris, from the airport again. He was there with his parents, so we did not get a chance to talk. That was my amazing Christmas experience. I hope this year we will go together home and that the stop will also be in New York, because I really like that pizza.