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The most beautiful Christmas carols

Christmas carols are actually songs and hymns that handle about the joy of Christmas. They are different from other religious songs, because their main idea and theme is Christmas, its joy and happiness people feel in this period of the year.

I love to go to the church on Christmas eve and listen to the choir sing these beautiful songs. One of my favorites is "Ave Maria". It is so gentle and soft and just beautiful. I really cry a lot while listening to the beautiful voice singing this song almost every time. It somehow touches my soul and brings me hope.

The beautiful carol called Jingle Bells is one I like the most. It is really cheerful and everyone can sing it. It is one of the most famous one and commercialized a lot so you can hear almost every famous singer sing it. I like that, because it brings so much more styles together and makes so much more people hear it. "O Holy Night" is not that cheerful but has a lot emotions to it. It really makes you feel that Christmas feeling and its true joy. The lyrics is beautiful and the melody also. For me, it sounds the best when it is sung by a choir.

One of the oldest carols must be the one called Good Christian Friends, Rejoice. This is a beautiful Christmas carol. Just listen to it and you will know why I added it on this list. Fun fact: it is written in the year 1328 and its name is - In Dulci Jubilo, originally. Joy to the World is also a beautiful one that is actually base on Psalm 98. It has strong words and the melody is quite impressing. It makes me emotional every time I listen to it, especially when it's being sung by the church choir on Christmas eve.

I hope you enjoy Christmas carols as I do. If you have not heard some of these please search them up on the internet. They all are quite emotional and beautiful.