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Christmas decorating ideas that you will love

The best time of the year is here. You put your beautiful high tree in the corner of your living room and turned the front lights on your house on. If you already have decided what will be your Christmas meal, than you can expect a pretty awesome time. But if you have a feeling that everything is too simple and not especially unique, then don't worry, you can change it because you are creative and your children can help you.

The Christmas tree is the most popular thing among your Christmas decorations. Using lamps, lights, decorating balls and ribbon you can make your green tree more beautiful and interesting. In the past, people used everything they had to make their tree look beautiful like apples, candies, dry fruits, paper flowers and other things. Trees represent nature, birth and today they can be natural or artificial. Colorful decorating balls, that we use now originate from apples people used before as their tree decoration. Apples symbolize good and bad things, heaven and hell. In the past candles lightened the tree, but today when we have electricity it gets much safer and more beautiful and colorful.

Let’s do it

If your children want a tree in their room, make that happen for them. You don't have to buy an additional Christmas tree, and still make it look quite interesting. You need a big white paper, glue and some glitter. Using a pen you can draw a tree on the wallpaper you put on the wall. It can get quite amusing for you and your children. Let them put glitter wherever they want and don't forget to put a star on the top.

Make your cutlery and glasses more fancy using spray in gold or silver color. Put some spray on the bottom and let it dry. It will look like new and it is quite simple to do that, isn’t it? If you have some decorating balls you didn’t use for your tree and old picture frames, you can glue the decorating balls together, than using glue fix them into the frame, and put it on your wall. Now you have a whole new look on your walls.